MTK interviewed people describing the first time they used a computer at:

The First Contact Project

Some interviews by MTK on live radio, Pacifica/KPFK 90.7fm Los Angeles:

artist Eric Drooker, Great Lawn During Republican National Convention, 2004:

The Late Great Peter Camejo 2004:

San Francisco Board of Supervisor’s President Matt Gonzalez on Eve of Mayoral Runoff v. Gavin Newsom 2003:

MTK on 90.7fm Los Angeles:

Daniel Ellsberg:

Karin Lee, North Korea Policy Analyst :

Rumsfeld Senate Hearings on Abu Ghraib Abuses

Alec Baldwin, Central Park During RNC Protests:

Midday News Report on Scheverdnadze and Khodorkovsky’s Demise

MTK produced Dreaming Our Future with volunteer, ACE, of Los Angeles:

which is interviews with actor Danny Trejo and youth conference attendees at Griffith Park in LA. This is the way it went out on the air at the end of the KPFK Evening News.

1st Interview with Norman Siegel as Candidate for Public Office 2001


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